Captain Hollow

Stoic, with a hard demeanor, and the look of a veteran


Ren is hardly a prestigious position for being stationed, but neither was it the worst. Captain Hollow, however, is not a man who cares much for the politics of career advancement. He is a soldier, and he takes his duty and obligations seriously. He did no less on Ren, reinforcing Imperial discipline and expecting his men to behave as if they were on any core world.

This dedication to his job was not met without muttering, but it likely saved many lives when the Revolution against Imperial control began. Already suspicious of native activity, Captain Hollow’s quick actions on that day ensured that Imperial forces could be quickly rallied in order to rescue stranded garrisons, and reinforce allied settlements.

For the Imperial Stormtroopers on Ren, Hollow is beloved. They obey his command without question, and his emphasis on saving the lives of his men across the planet has taught them that absolute trust can be placed in the Captain. For his part, Hollow has has remained strict and effective at his job, but his emphasis on following Imperial discipline to the letter has waned. Cut off from the rest of the Empire and with few comforts, Captain Hollow has allowed individualistic tendencies among his troopers to develop, including altering their armor. After all, morale is just as important as discipline, or so he reasons.

While Hollow has the loyalty of the “Squadies” – the normal troopers – the Auroran Troopers seem beyond his control, answering directly to Colonel Ansam. Increasing tension between Captain Hollow and Colonel Ansam has been noted by even the lowest auxiliary as of late, but few can seriously imagine that the stalwart Captain of the Empire harbors any thoughts of deposing his superior.

Captain Hollow

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