Ibrahim Oswald

Dark hair, cunning eyes, and a charming smile


Current Status: Deceased

Young, attractive, and born to right people, Ibrahim was one of the most powerful men on Ren. The CEO of Magnetic Industries, his corporation was already the leading robotics producer on the planet prior to the [Renian Revolt]. In a surprisingly quick move, Magnetic Industries affirmed its loyalty to the rebels, and quickly expanded its operations to weapon and vehicle manufacturing, purchasing or otherwise absorbing many competitors along the way and becoming a cornerstone to the rebellion.

Although rumors circulated about both Ibrahim and his company, his personal charisma and his support of the revolt made him untouchable.

Officially, Ibrahim was kidnapped and later killed by Auroran agents and their Renian collaborators in order to obtain Magnetic Industries’ latest technology and undermine the revolt. In reality, however, Ibrahim was kidnapped by Arthur Numo and a mercenary group of aliens in order to obtain a confession as to his role in Arthur’s father’s death and the subsequent takeover of his company. Ibrahim later fell victim to cross-fire as Commando units attempted to storm a clinic that the aliens had commandeered.

Ibrahim Oswald

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