A black and red cloth hides this woman's eyes from view, leaving only her lips to leave any hint of expression.


A medium height woman with short black hair and pale skin. A black cloth with red trim held up by a black cord wrapped around her head covers the top half of her face, concealing her eyes. Her full lips express a mixture of seriousness and distant, academic interest – at least when they’re not curved in a wicked grin or twisted in rage.


Current Status: Unknown

From her earliest memories, Midnight only recalls serving The Master and, in turn, being trained by him. Her entire life has been spent being molded; her natural force powers being strengthened and directed towards the Dark Side. Though young, The Master was convinced that Midnight would be the most promising slave he had trained to date. Though she appeared calm she was able to harness rage at a moment’s notice, turning into a brutal killer. Even better, she seemed easy to control.

Gossk was hardly the first slave-apprentice to join in Midnight’s lifetime, and so she patiently worked with him until the day that The Master would grow disappointed or bored of him, as he had with the others. However, when Gossk’s friends showed up intent on rescuing him and escaping the Pocket, Midnight quickly changed her tune. Though she appeared loyal, Midnight had no inclination of serving The Master for the rest of her life. And though she appeared in control, Midnight knew it was only a matter of time before The Master did away with her, as he had done with all the rest.

Betraying The Master led her to discover that she was not alone. Hundreds of her people – the Miraluka – had become stranded in the Pocket. Once The Master had them, he attached them to the twisted machines of The Infinite Empire, using their force abilities as a power source. The revelation shattered Midnight’s controlled exterior and led to her having to be restrained.

Without anyone else, Midnight chose to stay with the party of Braxis survivors when the group became stranded on (PLANET NAME). When the survivors encountered Arthur, a local boy who offered them work in exchange for favors and their equipment, Midnight was affected by the boy’s passive weakness. Perhaps sensing potential him or perhaps driven by more personal reasons, she set out to strengthen the boy, encouraging him to seek power and lash out at those who harmed him.

Midnight was nearly killed when the party was attacked by Assassin Bots. Though they saved her life, the group was ultimately captured by (NAME OF CITY) forces. When her comrades made their escape they made the decision to leave her behind.


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