Elissa Stark

A blonde woman with sharp features. Everything from her expression to her neatly kept uniform indicates that she is an Imperial Officer.


An attractive woman with blue eyes and golden blonde hair, often tied into a ponytail. She holds herself professionally and treats those around her with an air of detachment common among Imperial Officers.


Current Status: Presumed Dead

Elissa’s average height belies her aura of authority. Even though discrimination against women is rampant in the new Imperial order, Elissa has managed to achieve some amount of success as an officer in the Imperial Navy. Consequently, the beautiful, blonde woman holds herself with an air of authority and strictness that would put most of her male colleagues to shame; no doubt because she is constantly having to try harder than them in order to succeed.

Stationed on the Imperial Star Destroyer Famine, Elissa found herself in command of hundreds of Imperial survivors after the ship was nearly torn to shreds after being pulled into the Pocket. Struggling to maintain order in an increasingly desperate situation, Elissa found herself pitted against a mutiny by the timely intervention of the Imperial Survivors from the Braxis, who through disturbances in time were able to see the horrific future that awaited her.

Elissa accompanied the survivors and did her best to contribute to the continued survival of the Braxis. She accompanied Imperial forces on their desperate attack against The Master’s compound. As the Survivors pushed forward to make sure the path was secure for their injured Imperial comrades, she and the other Imperials were attacked by the horrific experiments of The Masters. Ultimately the Survivors, racing against the Mephout for an escape, chose to abandon their comrades, and Elissa with them.

Elissa Stark

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