The Mephout

Codex Status: Incomplete

Race: Mephout
Homeworld: Plintep, Mephout System, Wild Space
Allegiance: Currently Unknown

Description: Mephout are a humanoid species notable for their their black and white patterned skin. While there is some debate, most academics agree that the Mephout are not near-humans, although they may have diverged from humanity at some point in the very distant past.

Nevertheless, broad similarities exist. Mephout average between 5’ – 6’ feet of height on average, with females typically being slightly shorter than males. Gender differentiation is much more distinct with weight. Women tend to be around 100lbs, whereas men average anywhere from 140 – 200lbs.

Here, however, the similarities end. The Mephout’s eyes seem to have developed to perform under unique lighting situations. So far only red eyes have been observed, but Mephout seem capable of sight in near total darkness. The biggest differences between Mephout and Humanity, however, are on a chemical level. It seems that some Mephout females produce chemicals which may aid them in controlling groups. Likewise, some males seem to produce chemicals which inhibit rational thought, but render them much larger and more powerful.

Being located in Wild Space, the Mephout had been contacted by Galactic Republic explorers, and formed a loose association with the Republic. During the Clone Wars and subsequent chaos during the transition into the Empire, the Mephout system – as with so many others within and bordering Unknown Space – was lost. It is only recently that the Empire has re-learned of this species and its homeworld, and now wishes to assert its rightful dominance over them and their resources.

The Mephout

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