Located within the fringes of the Unknown Regions of space, Ren is a somewhat small planet inhabited by Humans.

The planet is locked on its axis, with the northern hemisphere permanently tilted back, away from the sun, while the southern hemisphere is permanently tilted towards it. Consequently, the northern areas are primarily frozen, while the south is covered in desert. The temperate area around the equator is where 95% of the population lives, living within or scattered between a dozen or so city-states. It is only relatively recent – within the past few centuries – that population centers have begun to advance very far into the desert and frozen areas, primarily due to the discovery of rich, untapped mineral veins.

Ren has had some level of contact with the galaxy for at least fifty years, but contact was limited to brief exchanges and the planet retained its autonomy. While urbanites might occasionally see a trader and his ship, it was largely the elite who had to any amount of exposure to the greater galactic community.

Fifteen years ago, however, things changed. The Galactic Empire arrived and demanded that the planet submit to the protection of the Empire. With the looming shadow of a Star Destroyer above them, the leaders of the city-states agreed to become subjects of the Emperor. While the Star Destroyer is long gone, the Imperial forces have remained. A space station now sits in orbit around Ren, while Imperial forces have left a small garrison and established multiple bases throughout the frozen north. Because of the limited interaction with the galactic community, and because of their limited interaction, the vast majority of Renians came to refer to the Imperials as Aurorans.

The situated shifted on Ren quite dramatically some two years ago. The frequent shipments slowed dramatically, and even the meager comings and goings of Imperial forces halted almost completely. Sensing their opportunity, the vast majority of city-states attempted to seize the opportunity by declaring themselves independent. Simultaneously, agents seized control of the space station and targeted strikes by Renian forces worked to disable Auroran communication and retaliatory abilities.

[The Renian Revolt] has waged ever since. Until recently, the conflict was low intensity, with battles ending before either side suffered too many causalities. It seems, however, that Auroran forces were not only conserving their resources or waiting for Imperial support, but also preparing a major weapon. Early in the morning, the city of Nim was bombarded by energy, which spread ice and cold instead of fire and heat. Hundreds of Imperial forces and thousands of auxiliaries have since assaulted the city, beginning what Renians have called The Frozen Siege. The outcome of this battle will likely dictate the course of the war.


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